I don't think I could have found a better trainer ... in fact, she's perfect! That's saying something in a town like Boulder. I'm getting almost immediate results and I love the way I'm feeling ... strong! I have no doubt that I'll meet my goals with Breanne by my side.

- Anna, January 2015


Breanne tortures me for over a month, 4x weekly now and she is probably one of the best personal trainers I've ever had. She pushes you to your limits, targets your core weak spots and makes you fitter, stronger and healthier. I guess she knows what she is doing. Anyone considering a PT should try to work with her.

- Jens, February 2015


I have worked with several personal trainers over the years, and Breanne is the best by far. She has a deep knowledge of exercise physiology, but she never makes you feel intimidated by it. She is always on time and prepared with a customized, level-appropriate workout plan designed specifically to help me to achieve my personal goals.  Finally, I love working out with her because she has this rare knack for being both a stickler for form, and pushing me when I need to be pushed, but also always being incredibly encouraging.  She is a gem!

-Sylvia, October 2014


Although might sound cliché to say, finding Breanne and Vida Fit bootcamps seriously changed my life. I am a fairly active and athletic person but have struggled for years to find the right exercise plan for me. I’ve tried and quit so many different gym classes and workout styles, from spinning to bikram yoga to water aerobics, and nothing has truly clicked for me, and my body, like these bootcamp workouts. Despite being a healthy weight and size, in only 4 weeks with Breanne I saw drastic differences in my muscle size and tone. I dropped inches from my lower body, but better than that, I simply felt strong and fit, and the differences I noticed in my stamina and strength in one month were truly unique to this workout style. I’m not sure if it’s the results that I saw and felt or the fact that I really enjoyed the workouts, but after the first week I actually found myself asking Breanne if she had a take-home workout I could do over the weekend, and then actually doing it!! Honestly, the Vida Fit bootcamps are like nothing I’d ever experienced before – the combination of the fast-paced, well-balanced workouts (just when you really think you can’t do another repetition, it turns out you don’t have to and it’s on to the next move!!) and Breanne’s enthusiasm and passion make working out fun, efficient, and addictive!

- Amy, February 2013


Vida Fit’s Bootcamp with Breanne has been amazing! I have been going since November of 2012 when I moved from Brooklyn to Madrid and could not be happier with Breanne, the experience and most importantly the results I can see and feel! Breanne gives each and every one of her clients sincere personal attention and pushes us to surpass our individual goals. Every day and workout is different, challenging and fun so you are always happy you went and excited to come back! Breanne is flexible and easy to work with no matter what your skill set or past experience. I highly recommend Vida Fit.

- Amanda, March 2013

My each hour and day has been brightened up by doing Bootcamp with Vida Fit. I was introduced to it by Breanne who is the fitness instructor and started the whole fitness club named “Vida Fit.” It’s been almost five months and I feel great about it. My body looks good each day and above all I feel positive and healthy. Above all I feel Breanne is a great teacher/trainer!  She knows the best for each one!

- Shveta, April 2013